terça-feira, 25 de novembro de 2008

This week, here...

A few weeks ago I did a post about a good friend of mine, and, with the intention of do it to my really good friends, one at a time, this time Bruno is the guy who I'm thanking of being part of my best friends.

First time I met him, I thought he was too "I'm the king of the world" kind of person, but months later I've come to discover that he's the type of "who gives a fuck to the world, I wanna live, party and love!"

Somethings I've learned and discovered from him...many cultures, songs and movies...Almodovar, Bjork, Moby, Terça Insana, narguillé...and some Indian movies that I prefer not to mention... They're like a supermodel. Beautiful and exagerated on the outside, BUT, on the inside...

Some different meanings of friendship, a stronger feeling of how we can trust somethings to a friend, how we really are as professionals, how we must manage to grow in a place where we don't belong and how to fight love with another kind of love: the one we have for ourselves.

He'll be leaving us in a few days, but, as my best friends are far as he may be, this won't be a problem. That's professional...he's growing!!!

Thank you brother! 

PS.: this was posted in English, because I wanted too :P~

all the best

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